MS PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a full-featured desktop presentation program. It is part of the Microsoft office suite

A presentation can be a collection of slides relating to a specific topic, which may be shown while the topic is discussed or may be shown as a continuous show.

From the presentation slides, handouts, speaker notes, or outlines can also be prepared. PowerPoint contains graphic tools and many kinds of pictures and graphs to be imported.
Presentations created on other platform could be run on MS PowerPoint, without doing any conversion or even without having the software installed on the viewers PC.
There are various circumstances in which a presentation is made:

  • Teaching a class,
  • Introducing a product to sell,
  • Explaining an organizational structure, etc.

There are two main kinds of presentations you can deliver before an audience or not. The preparation and the actual delivery of each are quite different.
Before getting into the details of each, we will first take a look at the software and analyze

Preparing for the Presentation:

v   Consider the theme.
What is the purpose of the presentation?

v   Know the audience.
Gear the information to what is known about the audience.
Try to take the audience’s perspective.

v   Select materials.
What is the best way to present the theme?
What is the time frame?
How much time to prepare?
How much time for the presentation?
What materials are needed?
What will the materials cost? Is it cost-effective?
Will there be visual elements such as photos, logos etc.?
Will they need to be scanned?

v   Always be yourself!

We will train you on how to use the tool and how to create effective presentation.




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